Pictures show armed police "arresting" a man on the side of a busy south Essex road.

A man was stopped and arrested on Golden Jubilee Way, Wickford, at around 11.56am today, according to witnesses on the road.

Pictures from the scene show officers armed with guns and Tasers surrounding the man.

Surround - Armed officers surround a man Surround - Armed officers surround a man

A resident who was near the scene said: "I came down Wickford High Street and the police stopped at the Golden Jubilee roundabout, they sandwiched a car in and there was an armed response car there.

"Officers got out with their guns and threw the driver to the floor while aiming their guns at him. It wasn't a random stop, that is how it looked to me.

"My wife was shaking after it, we had to move on back down the High Street quickly."

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.