BOSSES behind a grill and cafe connected to a car wash are hoping to start selling booze and playing music on a lively Leigh street.

Leigh Grill and Cafe, at 1163 London Road, has submitted a proposal to Southend Council in the hope of being allowed to sell alcohol throughout the week as well as play live and recorded music until 11pm daily.

The business is attached to the busy Leigh Car Wash with both business sharing one building.

Blenheim Park Labour councillor, Laurie Burton, said it was a good thing to see more venues expanding in London Road, which already boasts a number of pubs, restaurants and bars.

The grill and cafe sits almost directly opposite the popular Oakleigh pub and near the Elms Wetherspoon pub.

Mr Burton said: “It is a great thing for them.

“I’ve seen plenty of combined bookshops and coffee shops, but a combined bar-restaurant and car wash is a new one for me.

“I am not entirely convinced that the street needs more late-night spots though, there are a lot of busy venues on London Road, but I am interested in these plans and what they hope to offer.

“As the Blenheim Park ward councillor, I do recognise there is a dearth of late-night spots, like bars and pubs, on London Road but they really do seem to be limited to just London Road.

“It would be great really, and I don’t see why this can’t happen, for people to try and expand into the north of Blenheim Park instead of building everything centrally, there is a lack up there but many in the centre.”

Mr Burton added that he does believe the expansion of the café’s offering will prove beneficial in the long run and offsets the area from being inundated with too many pubs in such a small proximity.

The café markets itself as serving everything from “simple plates to real coffee” including breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from the “small family run kitchen”.

Representation has to be received to the licensing authority by July 17, 2024.

The grill hopes to be able to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises between 8am and 11pm.

The business has also put in an application for live and recorded music daily between 8am and 11pm.