An "impressive" life-size bronze lion is set to go up for auction in Southend.

The sculpture will be auctioned at Chalkwell Auctions, in Baron Court, Chandlers Way, Southend, offering the opportunity to own this unique item.

Trevor Cornforth, the owner of Chalkwell Auctions, has lauded the lion as "very impressive".

Mr Cornforth said: "We have an item which I think readers will find interesting.

Wow - 'Impressive' life-size bronze lion Wow - 'Impressive' life-size bronze lion (Image: Chalkwell Auctions)

"It is not something you will see every day as lots of people say they would love to have their own lion.

"It is a life-size bronze lion.

"It takes four people to lift it.

"The lion is very impressive, and very large.

"It would have been very hard to cast.

"Interestingly enough, part of the tail, you can see is joined as it would have been impossible to cast it as one."

Wow - 'Impressive' life-size bronze lion Wow - 'Impressive' life-size bronze lion (Image: Chalkwell Auctions)

The hefty lion, measuring 235cm in length and 122cm in height, originates from an estate in Westcliff, where it had been for more than 40 years.

Mr Cornforth added: "It is not the sort of thing that comes up every day of the week.

"So, it is hard to anticipate what it might sell for, but we believe several thousands".

The Chalkwell Auctions website estimates the lion to be worth between £1,000 and £2,000.

Chalkwell Auctions, established in the Southend area for almost 30 years, has become an influential auction house in southern England.

All their auction sales are conducted live online, on and their own platform.

Their recent catalogues have attracted an impressive 250,000 viewers, with over 3,500 of these being exclusive to their sale.

This incredible bronze lion is an impressive stature and size making it a piece of art that is hard to ignore, and is expected to invite a number of interested bidders.