POLICE were called to a possible "unexploded bomb" on a beach in Shoebury to end a busy shift yesterday.

The night shift inspector in Southend was called to the scene yesterday after a report of a "possible unexploded bomb".

Thankfully, after closer examination, the officer discovered it was not ordnance.

What was believed to be an unexploded bombWhat was believed to be an unexploded bomb (Image: Essex Police Southend)

An Essex Police spokesman said: "The night shift Inspector attended a call in Shoebury to a possible unexploded bomb, after closer examination this turned out not to be, but the call was made for the right reasons and with good intent."

This came after response officers were called nine emergency incidents in the Southend borough yesterday.

Emergency services on the scene of the fireEmergency services on the scene of the fire (Image: Essex Police Southend)

This included a care home fire, a missing child, three disturbances and an abandoned 999 call, and a domestic incident..

They also attended and dealt with non emergency and priority calls.


Police also had ten people in custody, all arrested on suspicion of a variety of offences, who needed to be dealt with by the end of the shift.