Jay Barrell never expected a tiny cut could leave him facing three rounds of surgery to remove a third of his foot after contracting an aggressive infection.


The owner of Broadway Fruits, on Thorpe Broadway, has been left struggling to walk and unable to work after a small cut led to major surgery.

Jay, 53, suffers with type 2 diabetes which slows his bodies ability to fight infection - leading to the small cut rapidly becoming a major issue in a matter of days.

The well-known greengrocer, 53, has said that he initially didn’t notice the infection as more than a “flap of skin”.

Foot - The damage done by the infection Foot - The damage done by the infection (Image: Jay Barrell)

Despite surgeons being able to save his toes during the operations, he has been left unable to work for four months.

A fundraiser has been set up for Jay to support him and his family with living costs by neighbouring business, Le Salon Chic, who have praised him for “continuously making us smile.”

Jay said: “I scuffed the bottom of my foot and with diabetes I didn’t realise how dangerous it is and I caught an infection, it just seemed like a flap of skin, you don’t notice it.

“I’ve had three lots of surgery and a third of my foot is missing, it is healing, and no toes were lost but this really could happen to anyone.

“People should be aware that they could be in a situation like I am, where I could have lost my toes from a small cut.”

Together - Jay and Alison Together - Jay and Alison (Image: Jay Barrell)

Jay added that he is currently on crutches and could be out of work for four months, making the fundraiser “essential” for his family.

“The girls at Le Salon Chic have done so much for us, I looked at the figure and it was unbelievable,” he said.

“It has really left me speechless, everything that people have done for us.”

Jemma Blythe, Le Salon Chic manager, has praised Jay for what he brings to the community.

She said: “Jay has worked in the Thorpe Bay community for many years.

“Everybody knows him for his happy go lucky attitude to life, his warming generosity throughout the whole community and daily smiles for all that walk by.”

“We have worked next door to Jay for many years, he makes us feel safe and secure and continuously makes us smile.

“We hope by setting up his GoFundMe with can give a little back.”

You can support the fundraiser at: gofundme.com/f/raise-some-money-toward-day-to-day-living-and-child-care?