A security guard was yesterday ASSAULTED in Eastgate Shopping Centre by a young man who was looking to recover his phone.

The incident happened on the lower floor of the shopping centre at around 4:30pm.

Just outside Esquires Coffee, the security guard was punched by the young man who was allegedly looking to get his phone back after it was in the possession of the security guard.

A video has circulated online which shows the altercation between the security guard and the young man.

Peter Singh, 42, who works in Nick and Zayne Men’s Fashion, who was present when the incident occurred, said: “I heard shouting and screaming a couple of times, I went up to the security guards and I saw what happened.

“There was a bit of a tussle, the boy kept saying the security guard had his phone, then came up behind the security guard with a cheap shot and knocked him down.

“What wasn’t seen in the video is that the guy came back again, I got the boys phone from the other security guard and gave it back to the boy.

“As a Sikh, when a fight is happening it is our job to protect, so I had to get involved.”

Mr Singh said that once the boy got his phone back, he calmed down.

Maryam Yaqub, ward councillor for St Martins said: "As a ward councillor, I am deeply concerned about the recent assault on a security guard at Eastgate Shopping Centre.

“Such violent behaviour is unacceptable and has no place in our community. My thoughts are with the security guard and the onlookers who witnessed this distressing incident.

I urge everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors."

Essex Police have said that they were called to the scene at around 4:25pm on Friday June 28 following reports of a disturbance.

Officers arrived to find a security guard had been assaulted, sustaining minor injuries.

Their enquiries are still ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.