ONLY one crane in the country is capable of bearing the weight of a bridge which was due to be removed last year, it has been revealed.

The Queensway Bridge has been the scene of several tragedies, including the death of 19-year-old Chris Nota in 2020.

The bridge remains closed to pedestrians and earmarked for removal, but it has now been revealed it is proving a technical challenge.

Paul Collins [pictured above inset], councillor responsible for finance, assets and investments, said: “It’s proving to be a bit difficult. We’ve been briefed by officers that there is only one crane in the country that is big enough to enable the stand to be lifted.

“It is very heavy and it’s got asphalt across the top which is making it even heavier. You can’t take the asphalt off because that would destabilise the bridge so we’ve got to wait for this large crane before we can start that process.”

A report to councillors on the place scrutiny committee, which is set to meet on Monday, said: “Officers are advised that there is only one crane in the country with the technical specifications needed to carry out this work and conversations are being had around timescales.”