As a July heatwave looms over Southend, visitors will be seeking the perfect way to cool down.

What better way to beat the heat than with a delicious ice cream?

From classic cones to extravagant sundaes, Southend boasts some of the best ice cream spots on the coast.

Here are the some of the top places to get an ice cream in the Southend borough, according to Tripadvisor.

Rossi Ice Cream Parlour, in Western Esplanade:

Rossi's has been making premium ice cream, with a long-standing heritage since 1932.

Whether it is Mini Choc Chip, Strawberry, or Butterscotch, Rossi Ice Cream has it all.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer wrote: “Some of the best ice cream I have ever had, with the best customer service you could ask for.”

Ru’s Bubble Waffles, in Leigh Road:

From delicious ice cream to bubble waffles to mini pancake to milkshakes and more, Ru’s has the lot.

You can even create your own masterpiece, by choosing a base, an ice cream flavour, and your toppings.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer said: “Really friendly service, good selection of ice-cream, reasonable prices. What is not to like.”

Hamilton’s Ice Cream Parlour, in Marine Parade:

Hamilton’s is a family-run business with an arcade and ice cream parlour in the heart of Southend.

With flavours from the classics like chocolate, to the more adventurous like Cherry or Coconut, Hamilton’s has plenty on offer.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer said: “We have stopped at Hamilton’s multiple times since discovering this gem. The ice cream is excellent.”

Yoies Ice Cream Parlour, in Eastern Esplanade:

Yoies has a choice of 21 flavours on offer, including Vegan options too.

Bosses believe they sell the “finest Gelato in town”.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer wrote: Absolutely fantastic, an amazing ice cream parlour. Very impressed with how many flavours you can chose from too.”

Scoops 37, in Marine Parade:

Scoops 37 opened back in May 2021, and is the stop for “totally Instagrammable ice cream”.

Alongside its classic flavours, Scoops also boasts one of the largest selections of vegan options along the seafront.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer said: “Pure and simply the best selection of ice creams around. Friendly and helpful staff too.”

Cookies and Cones, in Broadway:

Cookies and Cones is an American-style award-winning dessert company with stores across south Essex.

According to the company website, all products are made in-house using their own unique recipes and the “finest ingredients”.

On Tripadvisor, one reviewer wrote: “The ice cream was amazing, especially the mint aero.”