AN initiative to rapidly clear the "mounds of rubbish that have built up on the streets" after a controversial waste-collection rollout has been revealed.

The new Labour administration will launch a mobile waste-collection service known as ‘Crunch Month’ visiting towns across Basildon on dates this month and in August.

This comes after a new waste scheme was introduced by the former Conservative administration in December, which saw sacks replaced with wheelie bins and fortnightly collections introduced.

Council bosses say this new initiative is a “chance to reset the mistakes that were made previously”.

Aidan McGurran, councillor responsible for environment and leisure, said: “We have seen how mounds of rubbish have built up on the streets of our estates, and residents – quite rightly – have told us all about it.

“None of us should have to put up with this and we are going to end this now.

“Crunch Month is your chance to reset the mistakes that were made previously.

“I know you want to have pride in your neighbourhoods – and we are going to make that happen.

“Myself, and the rest of the administration are working hard to fix the bins and this is just the start of the journey. Watch this space. We will soon be bringing forward exciting proposals to the Cabinet to create a waste and recycling system that works for you.”

For a period of five weeks, Crunch, the council waste-collection vehicles, will pay visits to each of the council’s principal towns, providing residents with the opportunity to dispose of any piled-up rubbish.

The service will also cater to the disposal of bulky items at no cost.

Part of this initiative aims to review the council’s waste and recycling services and curb fly-tipping across the borough.

Waste collection vehicles are scheduled to visit 25 locations across five dates, hitting one spot in each of the borough’s five towns each week.

The free service is due to start Saturday, between 9am and 12.30pm, at several designated locations spread over the borough.

In addition to the Crunch service, the council’s waste teams are also embarking on a mission to clear dumped rubbish and litter, and to tidy footpaths around notorious hotspots in the borough.