A POLICE officer was among three people taken to hospital after a crash as emergency services rushed to the scene of an incident.

Long Road, on Canvey, was shut off by police on Saturday night after a police vehicle crashed into another car - leaving the police car severely damaged.

Residents reported seeing a police car, with its blue lights flashing and siren on, moments before the crash.

Essex Police have confirmed they are investigating the crash and police officers were responding to an “emergency” when the crash took place.

The force has not provided any further information despite being asked by the Echo.

The driver of the police car, as well as two people in the other car, were all taken to hospital for minor treatment. According to residents in the area, four more police cars attended the scene and closed the road before the police car - which was left with severe damage to its bumper - was towed away.

Essex Police urged people to step forward with information following the crash.

A spokesman for the force said: “We are investigating a collision between one of our police vehicles and a car, which took place shortly before 7.55pm on Saturday, July 6, in Long Road, Canvey.

“Our police vehicle was responding to an emergency when it was in collision with a car.

“The driver of the police vehicle was taken on to hospital for treatment. His injuries are not life-threatening or life-changing.

“Two people in the other vehicle were taken on to hospital for treatment for injuries which are not life-threatening or life-changing.”

Ray Howard, former long-standing Canvey councillor, was “relieved” to learn none of the injuries were life-threatening or life-changing.

He said: “There is a combination of reasons why this could have happened, but as long as it gets thoroughly investigated, that is the best outcome for everyone.

“I do wish all the people that were involved, and with any injuries, that they recover quickly and well.”

Anyone who witnessed the crash or has dashcam, or doorbell footage, of the incident should call Essex Police on 101 to make a report.