Cameras are set to be installed to catch people dumping furniture and other household items outside a block of flats.

Following a sustained campaign from the The St Laurence and Eastwood Action Group, grant funding has been issued to finally tackle problems outside flats in Rochford Road, Southend.

The community group claims “every single week” they visit the block of flats to take pictures and report issues around fly-tipping and overflowing bins to Southend Council, where council officers have been working on plans to tackle the scourge.

According to Mark Flewitt, a former councillor and member of the action group, cameras will be installed and anti-flytipping posters will be put up in a bid to clamp down on the problem.

Mr Flewitt added: “From August there should be camera work going on at that site to see exactly who is doing the fly-tipping.

“Frequently there’s large items of furniture. Some people are putting huge items in the bins which fill them up then the black sacks have got nowhere to go but round the outsides. It looks dreadful.

“The project includes some dedicated communications and anti-fly tipping posters etc and this will draw attention to this antisocial issue commencing in August. We at St Laurence and Eastwood Action Group have persisted to reach a position of change. We hope those residents affected, will benefit.”

Mr Flewitt has also called for extra bins to cope with the current demand and for a reconfiguration of the bins so they don’t face the road.

He said: “They are communal waste bins outside some apartments in Rochford Road. Through no fault of the residents, those bins are far too small for modern-day waste quantities in different colour sacks.

“There’s probably 40 to 50 apartments trying to use a waste facility that was first put there many years ago.

“Every single week the St Laurence and Eastwood Action Group go to the site and take pictures and report back to the council. I got a response from the waste team who said they had managed to get a grant.”