TO those of you who only follow the music scene very loosely, or perhaps not at all, it may come as a shock to you, that Essex is currently buzzing, albeit lightly.

Indeed, now Essex’s only musical ‘stars’ no longer merely consist of Alison Moyet (ask your auntie sobbing after the break-up of her latest relationship) or Procol Harum (ask your loveable granddad as he reminisces the week that Southend sat atop of the hit parade, all the way back in 1967)
Now new waves of musical acts have sprung up. Here are three of the best:

These New Puritans:

If you like your music sexy and skuzzy, with a hint of dark glamour, then These New Puritans are definitely a band you should be checking out very soon.

Whilst they may not to be everybody’s taste, infact they have been labeled as ‘The worst band to exist ever’ by a certain website, TNP have a sort of naïve charm, that belays both their relatively tender years, and style over substance aesthetic.

Essentially, if you’re looking to be soothed, yet also suffocated by a seemingly overbearing wall of squelchy beeps, this lot will definitely be to your tastes.

If that idea sounds like a living hell, and to be honest I don’t blame you, steer well clear.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly:

A one man band hailing from the mean streets of the posh part of Southend, Get Cape, aka Sam Duckworth released his debut album to critically lauded and perhaps surprisingly commercially successful album ‘The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’.

Hilariously pretentious title discounted, the album is chock-a-block full of soul stirring indie pop tunes, and whilst the constant preaching of sorts can become a tad grating, when he breaks into joyful tracks such as ‘I-Spy’, you really begin to see what all the fuss is about.

Basically, if you’re a fan of polemic, angry young white men, along the ilk of a Billy Bragg in his prime, Get Cape is your man.

<b>The Colours Between:

Whilst there has been a plethora of scruffy boys with guitars hitting the charts recently, none have really given us something to believe in.

The Colours Between are a straightforward rock n roll band who really give the listener a sense of purpose, and dare I say, could be the true heirs to the throne that Oasis vanquished some years ago.

That throne of course, being the much sought after mantle, of a massively successful band, who also speak directly to everyone – the doctor, the builder, the housewife, the homeless, the unemployed – basically every ruffian seeking solace can find it listening to just one of this bands many amazing songs.
From the almost children’s hymn of ’50p Rocket’, to snarling and just dirty tunes like ‘White Noise’, The Colours Between take you on a ride, and don’t let you get off until you’ve been well and truly converted.

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