Trevor Murdin (July 29) and his theory on foxes is utter baloney.

He should be thankful that some of nature is still available for him to see.

There are too many selfish human beings who think the planet belongs to humans only. It’s about time humans stopped concreting over everywhere.

Labour minister Hazel Blears is now suggesting more green belt land be used for housing. How disgusting.

If Mr Murdin thinks killing animals for fun – fox hunting – is a good thing then he has some serious problems.

I think it is the human population that needs to be addressed urgently before everything else is wiped of this once beautiful planet.

Les Lampert
Grange Park Drive

...The kind of attitude that Mr Murdin displays makes me hopping mad.

The amount of foxes that we see in our towns may not have so much to do with overpopulation, caused by lack of hunting in the places where Mr Murdin thinks a fox should live, as with the fact that the clever little beast has found out that an urban existence is much easier.

We throw food away as if there is no tomorrow, and our gardens are a haven of safety, which is second to none.

Mary Windsor
Central Wall Cottages

...I suggest to Trevor Murdin that the incidence of foxes in his garden has little to do with the ban on hunting.

Urbanisation of the countryside destroys their natural habitat and food supplies, but nature equips wild creatures with the ability to survive and adapt to changing environment.

The foxes in Mr Murdin’s garden are simply engaged in reciprocal invasion.

He should consider himself lucky, as in some parts of the world it is polar bears.

W H Diment
Church Road