A FORMER prisoner of war has died at the age of 90.

Ernest Warwick of Clifton Road, Ashingdon, survived working on the Burma Railway after being captured during the Second World War The father of four died following a short illness.

Mr Warwick’s ordeal started when he was captured in 1942.

He had been fighting on the streets of Singapore and was about to be executed when the British Army’s surrender of the territory saved his life with seconds to spare.

During his time as a Japanese prisoner of war, he was tied to a tree for five days and nights without anything to eat or drink.

His son Paul said: “Aged just 23 he was captured and spent three years and eight months on the infamous Siam to Burma railway.

“Ever since dad had nightmares of this torturous time and in 1985 he wrote the novel Tamajeo 241 as a dedication to his fallen comrades.”

He is survived by his wife Jean, four children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

His funeral was held at Southend Crematorium.