I point out to Anna Waite (May 1) that Cllr Hadley’s doomed 2007 plans for East Beach, Shoebury, were for a 60-place car park much closer to the High Street.

Hence I am correct in saying the new plans are for a car park closer to the sandy beach. And since it will be huge (175 cars and five coaches) about two thirds of it will be over what is currently grass.

Contrary to what Mrs Waite says, the existing road is in a perfectly suitable location. That is why it was built there in the first place.

I am glad she acknowledges the existing road humps are too high, because local residents have been complaining about them since they were built.

Why then, despite being the portfolio holder, has she never had them lowered?

Had Mrs Waite considered the residents’ far superior plans, she would have noticed these involve making the road one-way only.

This frees up one lane which can then be turned into a cycle path. This is far better than sacrificing a prominent section of the grassy area on the verge of the sea.

Since removing a few humps is cheaper than building a whole new cycle path, the money thus saved can finance the children’s play area, which at the moment has no funding.

As for calling her proposals “improvements,” I cannot imagine anything more environmentally hostile.

Maria Lauretta
Gunners Road