What an excellent letter from Mr Cox (May 6) commenting on the “loony” letters on the subject of Southend Airport’s expansion.

I assume he is referring to those letters that have tried to convince us there is no harmful effect on the local environment and have then told us that modern aircraft are no longer noisy or pollutants.

I agree people must be “loony” to write such twaddle in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

I do, however, think he has an interesting suggestion to make that the site could be turned into a prison. Not one I would favour myself, but either that or a housing estate would have a greater social benefit.

More jobs and no permanent harmful pollution to the wider community. My own preferred option would be to retain the airport in its present, and acceptable, state with no runway or operating hours extension.

The Human Rights Act that says everyone has “the right to peaceful enjoyment of their property”. How does that stack up with the expanded airport project?

Steve Askham
Elmsleigh Drive