With all the talk about Southend Airport, I wonder, despite it being in use for more than 80 years, whether anyone who has moved to the area realises what goes on there? Yes, flying.

Was there a similar outcry when it was used by a Spitfire squadron during the war and its pilots were being killed protecting us?

Does anyone really consider a retail park the answer, with all the empty buildings there are already? Also, think of the fuel saved by not having to drive miles to London airports and the stress involved.

Bob Johnson
Central Avenue

...I attended a meeting at Leigh Community Centre, held by Leigh Town Council, on the Southend Airport expansion, with two Conservative councillors, a Lib Dem councillor and a Leigh councillor to answer questions.

It was a packed hall with standing room only at the back and many unable to get in. It made you realise what strength of feeling there is in Leigh against the expansion.

Speaker after speaker put up very good arguments against expansion, with our already densely populated area, schools and a hospital, all too near the airport for comfort.

Also, it has now come to Light the lease to the airport has in it a clause that effectively has no restrictions on day or night flights for both passenger and freight aircraft.

So, the Stobart Group can fly cargo planes packed with freight, day or night, which I don’t think many people would be happy with.

John Beckett
Woodcutters Avenue

...There has always been an airport on our doorstep and the other times they have tried to extend the runway it has not been allowed and all for all the right reasons.

Our congested road system already grinds to a halt three or four times a day.

Unlike Stansted Airport, we have no designated airport road system.

Both the small roads leading to the airport are residential, but apparently adequate for an extra one million people a year plus all the HGV lorries.

Stansted Airport is purpose- built with road infrastructure and thousands of parking spaces because everybody drives there.

Southend is most certainly not. I hope the council has a game plan when or if my living conditions worsen.

F Parkinson
North Cresent

...I have always believed the best` way forward for Southend Airport is for the runway to be extended. It was, therefore, good to read Steve Askam’s letter in which said that this was inevitable.

In time he will see all his greatest fears were groundless.

A successful airport will not be the blight on the populace that he and his friends imagine.

It is not obligatory for all Leigh people to object to the best economic hope the borough has had in decades.

Such a chance will not come again. Minimal Growth is not an option!

Terry Davies
Steyning Avenue

...Like many residents I am against the expansion of Southend Airport.

Congestion, air and noise pollution will increase.

School lessons will be affected, and if night flights are sanctioned many will be deprived of sleep. The risk of an aviation accident will also be increased.

I don’t believe the promise of a few extra jobs, a very noble effort in the present climate, the sweetener of a new church building should St Laurence’s Church be moved, or the enticement of flights abroad should cloud the issue.

Airport expansion will damage the area, and our health.

If you want to object, then do so by May 15th to every single one of your councillors, and your MP.

Sharon Cattermole
Ellenbrook Close