Steve Askam suggests a housing estate, or even a prison, would have more social merit than a successful airport, but then cynically says he would prefer the airport to stay as it is now.

Not to modernise the airport could lead to its failure, particularly in these difficult times, as Mr Askam is well aware.

With the airport gone it very well could become a giant housing development. Upwards of 5,000 new homes, with 1.5 cars per household, amounts to 7,500 cars.

Let’s say they are used twice a day, multiplying by 365 days creates over 5 million car journeys annually.

Add visitors, service vehicles, school runs and such a nightmare would mean ten million more car movements in the area.

What price pollution, noise and gridlock then?

Any perceived problems the airport could create pale into insignificance.

Mr. Askam and those similar to himself who are prisoners of the own views, would have the area remain in the doldrums, they must not be appeased. A bright future for the many cannot be sacrificed for the sake of so few.

Terry Davies
Steyning Avenue

...A planning application by Stobart for the development of Carlisle Airport has been extended and it appears to want to concentrate on freight movements from there.

I am unable to find any details of passenger flight developments.

Planned developments at Carlisle Airport appear to offer enhanced employemnt opportunities for “locals”, but I am minded to think Stobart will be pursuing a day and night airfreight operation coupled with a warehousing and haulage operation at Southend and that cannot be beneficial to the long term welfare of this town and its residents.

Michael Eighteen
St Augustines Avenue