Congratulations to Rochford Council leader Terry Cutmore and councillor Keith Hudson for their joint statement on the future of the airport and for showing strength of leadership under an incessant barrage of anti-airport propaganda.

At a time when politicians are somewhat discredited, it is heartening to know that there still exist those who have the common good as their primary objective.

At the time of writing, the Southend Conservatives have not surrendered to the anti-airport brigade and their misinformation machine, but apparently are agonising as to whether their electoral seats are more important than the future economy of the area.

Their political profile and esteem will actually benefit if they stand firm and continue support for the runway extension, which is what the great majority of the public really want.

The last-minute withdrawal of support by the Southend Liberal Democrats is contemptible and expecting Stobart, which has just committed £21million, to withdraw from the consultation just shows what toytown councillors we are cursed with.

Nationally, thousands are losing their jobs by the week and here in Southend we have elected members who are actually prepared to risk sinking the local employment lifeboat for their own ends.

Terry Davies
Steyning Avenue