Stan Dixon called for a national cull of cats, saying they were noisy, messy vermin (May1).

I live close to him and the only non human noises I hear at night are the sounds of foxes playing.

Mavis Folkhard, July 9, called for a cull of foxes.

One of her complaints was that foxes rip open dustbin bags messing up her garden.

Try encouraging your neighbours to put their bags out on the morning of collection, rather than leaving them out overnight.

Almost every wild creature we have in this country is the subject of people wanting them culled. In the Echo alone we have had calls to cull grey squirrels, badgers, cats and foxes with national calls to cull deer seals and rabbits. What next, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens? Oh I forgot, we already cull those in the name of the food industry.

What is wrong with the human race that, not content with making each others lives a misery, we want to kill every living creature around us, because we are caused personal inconvenience by their presence?

Mary Windsor
Central Wall Cottages