My daughter and I have been going to the circus run by Martin Lacey at Rochford for over 20 years and have always seen at first hand the excellent way the animals are cared for.

The owners and trainers are dedicated to their charges and treat them like their pets.

Echo Comment and animal protesters are taking a blinkered look at the facts.

I would rather see animals well cared for and content looked after in clean and purpose-built accommodation than see them ill-treated, abused, undernourished, hunted and killed.

May Martin Lacey and his team continue to provide his care and attention to his animals and continue to show the antis that his circus is a superb example of how wild animals can be looked after and allowed to educate our kids that animals should be treated with respect and kindness.

Go to the show and see for yourselves. Don’t just listen to the moaners who always appear to get their incorrect and negative views and so-called facts about anything published, usually without any proof or real knowledge.

Remember, it’s only their view. Everyone should be allowed to make up their own mind.

Roger Frith
Briarwood Drive