With the arrival of three elephants, the Great British Circus is certainly getting some publicity.

It has proved, despite the majority of people being against the use of animals in circuses, it simply does not care. Now these elephants join the rest of the animals in this travelling prison.

On Monday, in the letters’ page, Mr Frith told us to go see the circus and judge for ourselves.

Judge what Mr Frith?

The mental suffering of the animals, their imprisonment, their boredom?

I do not need to sit inside a hot tent with loud music to see how these animals are suffering. I have already watched the lions pacing, the reindeer and elephants swaying on the spot, stereotypic behaviour from animals, quite literally, going mad.

When organisations such as the Captive Animals Protection Society and the RSPCA speak out, then we should listen.

When you are watching all these majestic and wonderful animals do these pathetic, crowd-pleasing tricks. ask yourself how did the trainers get them to do that?

Kevin Lambert
Holland Road