Sheila Hibbert says foxes have a right to peace, (Letters, Sep 21).

I do not consider they are in their natural environment when they are causing damage in people’s gardens.

I have gates and secure fences around my property to stop them entering my garden. But they have broken them down and taken children’s toys left out at night. Garden shoes and slippers are in shreds, compost bags strewn across my lawn.

They have chewed through an electric cable to a pump in my fish pond and toppled a rock, which damaged the fibreglass bowl, causing a leak.

My garden is not the foxes’ natural environment and whenever I see them I throw whatever I can lay my hands on at them.

People who encourage them by giving them food are to blame. Foxes do have a right to live in peace. In their environment, not ours.

Howard Bantin
The Westerings