Monty Martin’s contention (Dec 14) that the further left or right you go on the political spectrum ends up at the same place of authoritarianism is quite correct.

But while the left-wing press has a fair representation in the broadsheets, the right-wing has an inordinate hold on the man in the street, via the more widely read prejudices of the tabloids.

A level playing field in this respect is sadly wanting and politics is now seen merely as good or bad management of the system that is as a result.

If our political system is a hard-won trophy of a civilised society, as Mr Martin says, then the fly in the ointment of democracy is surely an unbalanced view of the world.

My own contention being that this trophy is, as a consequence, in danger of being seen as an emblem of a race won when there is so much more for the man and woman in the street to win yet.

Whether they get diverted by the fascist BNP or faceless Eton Boys remains to be seen.

John Haran
Broadway West