Councillor Kevin Blake complains Old Man Stan is taking the mickey out of Basildon and running down our town.

The latest video dares to refer to Basildon Council’s plans to import more than 20,000 lorry loads of waste on to Basildon Golf Course.

Well, somebody is definitely trying to run down our town with this plan, which will damage the environment, destroy protected wildlife, and blight the lives of residents.

Furthermore, somebody is taking the mickey out of Basildon’s residents by using taxpayers’ money to fund developers who will earn millions of pounds if this plan goes ahead.

While hard-working Basildon families and pensioners face bailiffs if they get behind with their council tax, Jack Barker pays no rent, is given compensation for bad weather and is promised an interest-free loan in special arrangements totalling over £100,000 of ratepayers’ money.

The residents are certainly aware that somebody is taking the mickey out of them, and are astute enough to realise that Old Man Stan isn’t the culprit.

It is a sad day when a pensioner puppet is more in tune with public opinion than some local councillors.

Can we hope that Stan will seek election?

John Toplis
The Leys