J Williamson sums it up so well. The home spivs are making money, our money.

Voters of Southend are starting to understand what the Tories at Southend Council and the Labour Government have done to the housing market.

In Southend, we have in excess of 5,000 families on the housing waiting list.

Those on housing benefits are being housed by private landlords costing taxpayers 100 per cent more in comparison with the equivalent council rent. Both the council and the Government have failed to provide low-cost affordable family housing for our families.

Our taxes are being ripped off through failed policy. Developers have run wild in Southend, ruining the town with development of tenement blocks with no parking, many designed for, buy-to-let investors costing the taxpayer £57m in Southend alone.

When I see incompetence and lack of strategic thinking to the level we have in Southend it makes my blood boil.

Martin Terry
Independent councillor
Victoria Road