I was replacing a blown light bulb from my stockpile of 150watt incandescent gas-filled proper bulbs, but, unfortunately, as I gave the required push and twist, the bulb holder disintegrated.

Fortunately, one does not enter one’s ninth decade without picking up a few DIY basics and I prepared to fit a new one.

I gathered all the necessary tools and, with the aid of a stick for balance, I wobbled to the summit of my household steps which lack a hand-rail and unfortunately were just a little too low, necessitating me working above eye level; wobbling notwithstanding.

Unfortunately, I fell off, but I had anticipated this eventuality by carefully positioning the settee.

Huzzah! I made a soft and comfortable, though undignified, landing.

On the way down I realised I had placed the lampshade on the settee, but too late, there was no turning back.

I am now faced with the dispiriting prospect of having to buy three matching replacements. My only complaint is that I was not specifically warned against all this in the Living Safely handbook published by Essex County Council some time ago.

Could I sue, I wonder?

Ron Hurrell
Hadleigh Park Avenue