A Harland (Jan 4) was quite scathing in his comments on commuter parking.

However, they do not live on or near a private road.

I, like all other commuters, pay my road tax and am therefore entitled to park down any road I wish, as long as it does not have parking restrictions.

The fact is that if you are going to buy a house near a train station then you should expect people to park (legally) in front of your property.

The same can be said for living near schools, hospitals and town centres.

When I park my car I always make sure I have not blocked any driveways or parked too close to any corners.

This is my legal obligation and I fulfill it every time.

When the council decides to stop taking advantage of people in a time of recession by charging ridiculous parking rates, then the issue of off-street parking should ease.

However, until then I shall keep paying my road tax and continue to park in areas close to the rail station.

Paul Oxley
Rayleigh Avenue