I have thought for a long time the fox population in Southend has grown to a ridiculous number. They are seen frequently during the day, where a number of years ago they were only seen at night.

I have always said these animals are a danger, and now with the recent attack on two small children in East London, my worst fears have come true.

Readers and Southend Council should realise these creatures are a danger to humans as well as other animals.

The council has a duty of care to the people of Southend, and although many readers may disagree with me, a cull of these animals must take place as soon as possible.

Their number should be reduced by at least half.

J Hargreaves
Station Road

...Foxes are a pest and will kill almost anything – lambs, chickens, even cats.

Many are shot every year by farmers. Foxes are known to be crafty animals, so many have resorted to towns where life is safer, food waste is left in black sacks and sometimes even put out for them by householders.

David Barratt
Southbourne Grove