I agree with Bob Chapman, Jane Sales, and Dawn French in what they say about foxes (June 24).

Leave our foxes alone. I get loads of foxes in my garden and they are no trouble at all. It’s nature and it’s not right to cull them.

This is no fault of their own as they need food, like we all do.

Castle Point Council should supply us with proper bins for food waste.

I believe that if you feed foxes they are less likely to eat other animals. I have seen foxes and cats together at night time, and the foxes just run away when they see the cats.

Mrs J C Donovan
Crescent Road

...If we do not cull foxes and take on the latest extra bins for food waste we are likely to have a very dangerous situation arising.

Foxes are wild animals and hungry animals will become much more aggressive as they forage for dwindling food sources.

I recognise we don’t want to have rubbish strewn around when the foxes open the rubbish bags, but just to take their food supply away is not the answer.

If we decide to adopt one of the council’s proposals to separate out out food waste rather than leaving things as they are, then this must be coupled with a cull of the fox population.

If not, it is likely the foxes will turn to seeking food by attacking our pets.

Keith Barber
Clinton Road

...W H Diment seems to think it difficult to cull foxes. Live capture traps could be put out and then the foxes that are caught and killed. Simple.

They are wild animals that will kill for fun, they are not like domestic dogs.

If people did not put their rubbish out hours before the collection time that would help.

There is no doubt they are bolder than a few years ago and will continue to be a problem unless they are controlled, in the same way you would control rats.

N Davies
Spanbeek Road

…John Fairchild is leading the call for foxes to be culled on Canvey (June 25).

The same article also refers to foxes as vermin.

Then I read in the same edition the UK’s population rose by 394,000, to 61.8 million last year. This will mean humans will need more wildlife habitat to build even more homes to accommodate the increase.

I know what should be culled to save the wildlife we still have and it is not the foxes. I cannot believe so many humans can be so selfish and show no respect for anything else supposedly sharing this planet.

Les Lampert
Grange Park Drive