ALISON Yarham’s new business Music for Health is designed to reinvigorate the lives of residents in care homes.

Based on many years research into the therapeutic effects of music, Music for Health provides a structured programme of sound and movement, led by Alison.

Complete with CDs, sound system and props, she is available to hold workshops across south Essex.

“Residents benefit in a variety of ways from the programme,” says Alison. “For instance, musical activities help them to unload emotion, access memory and reduce the level of stress.

“They also oxygenate the cells, helping to stimulate areas such as the immune and digestive systems.”

Alison’s commitment to the project is underpinned by experiences with her own daughter, who is in a care home. “If you can give some of these people a bit more to their lives than just sitting around a TV screen all day, it’s got to be a job worth doing,” she says.