The introduction of new forms of communicating information of a pending flood on Canvey is, of course, an advantage, but it should be a way of supporting the existing no-nonsense siren system.

Islanders will not be evacuated nor will they receive adequate assistance in the event of a breach or over-topping of our sea defences.

It is obvious we will be cut off having lost our access and egress and that all the resource that go into flood rescue will already be fully deployed further around the coast.

Islanders will need to fend for themselves by seeking out those who require assistance, particularly the elderly living in caravans and bungalows.

The sirens must stay and by educating and informing our community, treating us like adults as to the ramification of a disastrous flood on Canvey we will be better prepared and lives will be saved.

R Walker
Collindale Close