Keith Barber, Kevin Douse and Nicola Smith all question the wisdom of a two- week black bag collection and the consultation process that brought about Castle Point Council’s decision.

Chief executive David Marchant (Sept 17) explained why we would be getting a two-week bin bag collection, explaining the reasoning behind the council’s decision in anticipation of objections.

He cited strong support in the public consultation.

Would Mr Marchant, the council leader or any cabinet member care to write a similar letter explaining why the leader/cabinet system was set up on the strength of the views of only 41 people in the council’s consultation?

If the views of 41 people get you a leader/cabinet, and the views of 3,067 people get a two week black bag collection then surely 4,441 people asking for an elected mayor is a done deal isn’t it?

Cindy Perry
Maurice Road