HAVING your band described as “crazed genius” by DJ Steve Lamacq, being picked as the Guardian’s new band of the day and receiving salivating reviews from music magazines is the coverage most up-and-coming bands only dream of.

“It’s wonderful of course,” says James Orman, vocalist and guitarist of London band Silvery. “A lot of the people who have been writing about the album and playing our records on the radio are people we’ve grown up reading and listening to, so that’s really cool.”

Since Silvery released their second album, Railway Architecture, they’ve found themselves in heavy demand.

Uncut magazine described it “exhilarating art-pop from a band bordering on greatness”.

With a heavy blend of witty organ-led madness and a massive nod to early glam rock, its also made waves with critics and DJs.

True to their eccentric, ever so English style, Silvery have decided to bring their music to railway-themed venues, including the Railway Hotel in Southend, which they’ll visit this week.

“I thought there’d be a few more Railways that put on bands but, excuse the pun, we’ve run out of steam a little bit,” says James.

“We’re really looking forward to Southend. It’s always nice to go somewhere I haven’t been before, and its near the sea which is good.

“I’m hoping to make a nice day of it. We’ll arrive nice and early, and soak up the sights before playing the gig, which will be a triumph.”

Its hard to put a label on Silvery’s sound, although James lists Bowie, the Kinks and Blur as favourites. He says the band don’t sound like any of them and take their inspiration more from events, themes and ideas than from fellow musicians.

He explains: “I’ve always liked it when people say the band’s eccentric English pop in the same sort of way as the Kinks or Blur and bands like that. But then I think its just pop music at the end of the day, however people want to make it out to be.

“In the early days I always said it was Victoriana circus punk, which is inaccurate, but it sounds good so I think I’ll stick with that.

“We just draw on a whole load of influences: Victoriana, history, things like that, weird stuff. The railway thing just comes out of childhood memories, watching trains when I was a kid. It’s quite nostalgic.

“To everyone else I think it’s just a bit nerdy.”

Silvery play the Railway Hotel, Clifftown Road, Southend, on Friday October 8. Entry is free. Doors open at 8pm. Call 01702 343194.