Like most teenagers, Jodie Lenton is off on a family holiday this summer but unlike most teenagers she'll be spending three weeks of it in a recording studio.

Jodie, 14, is jetting out to Florida to spend two weeks in the sun with her mum and dad before waving goodbye to them at the airport and staying with her manager and music producer Michael Raphael.

While living with the Los Angeles-based producer, who has worked with chart toppers Busted and Son of Dork, she will swap the sweltering sun for the studio to record five songs which it is hoped will wow music chiefs and bag Jodie a record deal.

The trip to the States will also see her leave Richard Darbyshire behind in the UK. The former lead singer of Eighties band Living in a Box is now a producer and has been working with Jodie weekly, writing and producing songs.

This fairytale scenario has one more magical twist, as none of this may ever have happened unless Jodie, from Leigh, had dabbled on This internet site, where people from across the world can set up web pages devoted to themselves, is fast becoming the way for new musical talent to be poached by record companies.

Names such as the Arctic Monkeys were discovered through the site and Jodie could be the next.

In fact the internet has led to the likes of Sandi Thom and Gnarls Barkley being brought to the public's attention.

Jodie only set up her myspace page two months ago, but already her songs have been listened to by more than 15,000 people.

The site obviously attracted the attention of Michael Raphael, but also caught the ear of Capital Disney DJ Matt James, who invited Jodie to the London studio for a chat live on air. He also played three of her self-penned songs.

Jodie, who attends Masters Performing Arts College in Rayleigh, describes her pop, rock music as sounding like a "girly McFly" and can't wait to join Michael over in the USA.

"He's written five songs for me and we're going to record them. Then we're going to take them round to loads of record companies. I'm really looking forward to it," she explains.

Jodie's mother Sandra, is amazed by the response her daughter has received from the site. "At first I wasn't involved in it until it started to take off," she says.

"Then I thought this is getting quite big'. Now Jodie can't keep up with the messages she's getting, she probably gets around 200 a day. People from all over the world have commented on her site."

Sandra isn't worried the publicity will go to Jodie's head: "I tell her to take it one day at a time and to keep her feet on the ground, because if things are to happen she's got to learn she can't get big-headed about it."

"When she goes to school she doesn't really talk about it. I think she's a bit shocked about everything that's going on."

It's a big task for Jodie, having her own web page to look after and spending three weeks in the USA, but none of it is worrying her.

"I've been dancing since I was three and started singing when I was seven," she says.

"I've always wanted to do it, I just like performing - it's fun."