AN Essex invention is likely to find a fan in Ozzy Osbourne.

The device, one of more than 100 submissions to a local version of Dragon’s Den, automatically cleans door handles in public and workplace toilets.

In his Sunday Times column Ask Dr Ozzy, the popular rock star, railed against the health hazards faced by anyone trying to leave a loo.

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s plain mad to wash your hands, and then straight after that plant ten zillion toxic microbes on them when you open the door?” Ozzy wrote.

The self-disinfecting door handle is in contention for £100,000 development money, offered as the prize for the winning entry to Who Wants to Be a Miller On Air? event organised by Southend businessman Philip Miller.

The invention consists of a door handle that automatically drops down into a disinfectant solution.

It is triggered by the movement of the door, eliminating the need for any motor or power source.