It is clear the new timetable on the East Anglia line which Peter Walker complains about (Jan 25), has been introduced with the sole intention of benefiting National Express and not its customers.

I am probably the only unfortunate soul who commutes all the way from Rochford to Norwich, since my job was relocated from London.

The new timetable is really the proverbial last straw. I am at least lucky to get the one train in the morning that does stop at Shenfield.

It rarely arrives on time, averaging a late arrival of ten minutes into Norwich.

In the evening, as Mr Walker has already pointed out, National Express clearly thought it a good idea to make the trains stop at either Colchester or Chelmsford, with no subsequent stops at Shenfield.

Never mind that Shenfield provides access to both the Southend line and the Metro service to London. When I queried this during the so-called consultation period, I was told that ending the stops at Shenfield was to speed up the service.

No doubt due to all those irritating passengers actually wanting to get off at Shenfield. With that sort of attitude, why not run the trains direct from Norwich to London with no stops and have done with it?

That would really speed up the service if it wasn't for the faulty trains, faulty level crossings, faulty points and faulty cables that regularly plague the line.

I am interested to know what National Express does with the vast amount of money that I pay it.

Paul Nash
East Street