A CARE company has tried to allay fears over plans to open a hostel for teenage girls in a quiet street.

Lodge Group Care UK is renting a three-storey house in Bowfell Drive, Langdon Hills, to provide four rooms as “semi-independent accommodation” for girls who have come out of the care system.

A fifth room in the house would be used as an office for a carer, but it is not yet clear if this will be manned round the clock.

Lisa Cutmore, 37, who will be next door to the house, said: “It’s the uncertainty.

“We are not snobs around here, but the main fear is if it brings antisocial behaviour.

“There is nothing to do round here. What will they do all day?”

Residents have been told a warden will be on site 24-hours a day, but will not be responsible for behaviour off the premises.

A spokesman for Basildon Council said there had been a small number of complaints.

He said: “Lodge Group Care is looking to do a four-bedroom property with another room for a carer. Girls aged 16 to 17 out of care homes would live there on a semi-independent basis.”

He said because fewer than six people would live there, it did not need a planning application.

Councillor Sandra Hillier has received calls from several residents.

She said: “I am concerned it is not the right location, because there is just nothing for youngsters to do in the area. Will boyfriends be hanging around?

“I am also concerned a three-storey house is suitable accommodation if it does not have to go through planning.”

Lodge Group Care is run by John Timbs, 45, who also runs Impact Supported Living, which operates similar accommodation.

He said: “The girls will work towards an independent living skills programme before moving on to their own tenancies after about two years.

“I can’t guarantee there would never be any issues, but if someone breaches the terms they could lose their placement.

“Support workers will be on site all the time on 24-hour shifts.”

Meanwhile other residents are demanding action to stamp out antisocial behaviour allegedly stemming from a hostel in Vange.

Neighbours claim the Swan Foyer, run by Swan Housing, in South View Road, has been causing problems with yobbish behaviour, booze and drugs, since it opened two years ago.

At the time residents reported concerns that it was not the right location in a residential street.

Charlotte Hayward, 30, of South View Road, said: “It attracts people who hang about outside.

“There are late-night parties and people hanging out of the windows. We were threatened by teenagers when we complained.”

She said complaints had been made to Swan and Essex Police, but nothing was done.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “On February 28 there was a meeting between Vange neighbourhood police team and managers of the Foyer.

“A new agreement was put in place to work closely together.

“This will involve sharing information and two police community support officers making regular visits.”

A spokesman for Swan Housing Association said: “We provide much-needed, supported accommodation to young people aged 16 to 24 who are often in a vulnerable position.

“This can be a challenging client group and issues do arise from time to time.

“The Foyer is staffed around the clock and, in addition, as part of our efforts to engage with residents, we provide contact details to local people so specific concerns can be raised with Swan directly.

“The majority of young people we work with eventually move on, maintain a tenancy and live independent lives.”