NINETY motorists were stopped by volunteer police during a burglary crackdown.

Special constables manned a checkpoint outside the Mayflower School, in Stock Road, Billericay, as part of Operation Airwatch.

The crackdown aimed to target crooks, such as burglars and thieves, travelling into the town on the roads to commit crime.

During the checks on Monday evening, 90 vehicles were stopped by special constables and their drivers spoken to.

Of those, three motorists were given fines for offences including speeding, driving without a valid MoT certificate and riding a motorbike without L plates.

Four motorists were also given notices to rectify faults on their vehicles.

Special Sgt John Wright said: “Criminals often use the road network to come to this area to commit crime, and it simply won’t be tolerated.

“The message we have sent out by mounting this operation is don’t come to Billericay to commit burglary and other crime, as you will be caught and justice will be served on you.”