As someone who has campaigned on the issue over many years, my congratulations go to MPs of all parties, who recently and unanimously, voted to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

Particularly brave were Conservative members, who stood up against No.

10 and the Prime Minister, who did not support a ban.

Readers may be aware, that an animal circus has visited this part of Essex for many years.

During 2009, it was the subject of an undercover expose by Animal Defenders International, revealing elephants being beaten.

It continues to tour, with a range of animals, including tigers. Earlier this year, another circus had its elephant removed to Longleat, under similar circumstances.

Hopefully, the Government will heed the vote by MPs, the 94 per cent of the public who want a ban and all animal welfare groups and introduce a ban as soon as possible, and once and for all stop animals being cruelly treated in circuses.

Garry Sheen
Boyce Hill Close

...I think backbenchers have overreacted a tad to try and bring in a Bill that prevents wild animals from performing for public pleasure, acts of so called animal saviours who would have us believe they perform reluctantly under the big top.

I would question this ruling.

Animals love attention.

What pony or llama would rather skip around a ring directed by some Herbert in a silly costume than be chased up a mountain slope by a dripping fanged predator?

Enough said!

Trevor Murdin
Flemming Crescent