OVER recent years HM Revenue and Customs has been targeting various areas where it perceives there is a risk of undeclared tax.

It seeks voluntary disclosure of omitted income and charges a reduced penalty. There have been successful campaigns with offshore savings (raising £485million) followed by doctors (raising £10million), and plumbers curiously titled “Plumbers Tax Safe Plan”, which has just finished.

If HMRC discovers omitted income from a previously targeted area it will be seeking higher penalties.

HMRC is now turning its attention to those who provide private tuition and coaching which may often be a secondary income to their main earnings.

This could cover private lessons, fitness and dance coaching.

Looking ahead to 2012, HMRC will target e-marketplaces, such as eBay, to focus on people who buy or sell as a trade or business and are not registered with HMRC.

People selling just a few items are unlikley to be targeted on this occasion.

If you believe you should be making a disclosure to HMRC and need advice about how to go about it, you should speak to your local chartered accountant who will help you with your notification.

Chartered accountants have extensive experience with dealing with HMRC and a detailed tax knowledge which is kept up to date by continuing professional development. Please see the advert below for a selection of firms in the area.

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