RECESSIONS come, recessions go, but glamour is for always. That seems to be the message from the success of a new photo studio, Dream Boudoir, dedicated to making its subjects look gorgeous, sizzling and sultry.

“If anything, we seem to be benefiting from the recession,” says Jane Birch, Dream Boudoir’s director.

Jane is one part of a trio that includes photographer Keeley Moy and make-up artist Bernice Beaumont.

“Dream Boudoir is about making dreams real,” says Keeley, who trained in photography at Seevic College.

“Even when I was very young I was obsessed with pin-ups. They were just so, so glamorous.”

Dream Boudoir’s new studio in Burnt Mills offers a range of props and settings, including a deluxe bedroom.

Once inside this special space, the Dream Boudoir team claim that they can bring out the glamour girl in anyone.

“Everyone is glamorous, it's just a matter of recognising their strong points and photographng them in the right way,” says Keeley. Even age is no barrier. Dream Boudoir’s oldest customer to date was aged 80.

The results often end up on the bedroom walls in clients’ homes. One very popular line consists of books of photos, given as gifts, especially on Valentine's Day. “Husbands and boyfriends are in for a real treat,” says Jane.