A BUDDING stuntman has been banned from his school classes because he had to alter his hair to get a part in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Jack Millham, 13, from Great Burstead, needed to dye his hair lighter than its natural colour to try out for a stunt double role in the upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman – a role he got.

His mum Jaime – a successful stuntwoman herself – then decided he should shave it off to make it neater for school until filming for the thriller, starring Charlize Theron, begins in January.

But teaching officials at Billericay School labelled his skinhead style chop a “distraction” and put him in isolation.

Jaime, 34 who was Halle Berry’s stunt double in Die Another Day and also worked with Angelina Jolie on Tomb Raider, is fuming. “They said he couldn’t be in classes as it would distract other pupils and that it was against the rules,” she said.

“As I don’t want him in isolation they said he will have to stay at home until it grows back to a length they deem suitable.”

Jaime, who was named Hollywood Stuntwoman of the Year in 2003, added: “Jack is a good, hardworking kid.”

Jack spends every spare moment training for a future career as a stuntman.

His dad Lee Millham, 34, is regarded as one of the best stuntmen in the business and has appeared in many blockbusters, including the Harry Potter films as well as Brad Pitt’s new film World War Z.

Jack has grown up on film sets alongside his mum and dad, meeting megastars such as Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood.

Jaime added: “Jack once said to Clint Eastwood on the set of the film Hereafter, ‘I can’t believe you are 76 and you don’t even need a walking stick’.

“Luckily Clint Eastwood found it very funny!”

Sue Hammond, headteacher of the Billericay School, defended the school’s hardline policy.

She said: “In accordance with our policy, when Jack came into school with a shaved head he was offered the opportunity to work in our inclusion base, but declined to do so and chose to work at home instead. Mrs Millham has been invited into school to discuss the situation.”