Basildon’S Sporting Vil-lage could be enhanced by a bowling green and pavilion under new plans.

Murrayfield Bowls Club lost its previous home in Gloucester Park to housing earlier this year. But the company behind the development wants to fund new facilities for bowlers beside the park’s £38million leisure complex.

The plans include a new pavilion, two outdoor bowling greens, an area of mats for indoor bowls and 50 car parking spaces.

Murrayfield Bowls Club members welcomed the plans and are looking forward to becoming part of the Sporting Village.

Brian Vanson, club captain, said: “Although we have been happy residents at our Gloucester Park south home for a number of years, the club is very happy to move with the times and this excellent proposal allows us to do that. We have been involved in the development of the plans and we are pleased with the proposals.

“The plans look great and will give us a modern and fresh pavilion and two outdoor bowling greens.

“They will also allow us to feel a real part of the Sporting Village.”

The new bowls club would be built on the site of the former Murrayfield pavilion, which was demolished last year.

Kevin Blake, Basildon councillor for leisure and arts, said: “This move will help to enhance the already first-class sporting facilities at the northern end of the park.

“We have spoken to the bowls club members and they are happy with the proposal, as it will give them better and modern facilities.

“It will also give them access to the Sporting Village and the chance to build relationships with other sports clubs based there.”

The club’s former bowling green and pavilion, beside the old Gloucester Park Swimming Pool, have been demolished to make way for the 144-home Acacia Park development.

Developer Barrett Wilson Bowden has pledged to deliver £1.5million improvements to the park, including the new bowls club, a lake, a children’s play area, improved lighting and better pathways.