I attended the Leisure Committee meeting last Tuesday at the Basildon Centre.

It was a complete farce.

The chairwoman at first failed to hold a vote even though the minutes stated it was going to happen.

Pitsea Swimming Pool is a focal point in our town and we want to keep it.

The only councillors who actually spoke about Pitsea residents’ views were our elected members.

So much was spoken about by certain councillors who seemed to ignore the petition. How can 3,000 people be wrong?

This is the depth of feeling about Pitsea Pool.

So many local families use this facility. We don’t want to travel all the way to Basildon Sporting Village.

For many of us this would be impossible.

Why do we have to have another food shop in its place?

So much was spoken about the developer’s plans, but no one asked us, the people who live in Pitsea.

We did show at the local election how we feel, wasn’t that enough proof?

Christine Taylor
Halstow Way