A COMMUNITY is celebrating after plans for a 45ft phone mast near two primary schools and homes were put on hold.

Parents and residents fought the plans after receiving letters about the mast being put in the Silver Jubilee pub car park in Hilton Road, Canvey.

They set up a petition, which quickly gathered 450 signatures, after being left at Wintergardens and St Katherine’s Church of England Primary Schools, which are both in Hilton Road.

Now phone giants O2 and Vodafone are reviewing their plans for the site in the wake of the public opposition.

Peter May, an Independent ward councillor for Winter Gardens, who started the petition, said: “The community have come together to fight these plans.

“People signed the petition and we are glad our fight has paid off for now. I know we all use mobile phones, but there has to be better sites. This one was in the middle of a built-up residential area with two primary schools just a stone’s throw away. They could not have picked a worse spot and from what we hear the pub landlords were not even consulted about the plans.

“It was ludicrous.

“We will be keeping a careful watch on what happens and will be prepared to fight if the phone companies look at more inappropriate sites.”

A spokesman for Cornerstone, which represents O2 and Vodafone, added: “We are reviewing the proposed mobile phone base station at the Silver Jubilee pub in Hilton Road.

“Once this review has been completed we will be able to decide on the best available options to ensure our customers can use their mobile phones and devices.”

Joanne Cramp, who has run the pub for three years, said it was good news for the community.

She said: “I am really pleased they are looking at other sites. With two schools so close by and the general public coming in and out, it would have been been totally ridiculous.

“The general feeling from customers was one of anger when they heard about the plans. Now everyone is much happier.”