TV chef Jamie Oliver and farmer Jimmy Doherty opened a new cafe on Southend Pier as part of a new food show.

The duo, both from Essex, took over the old building and rebranded it Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club.

The programme, of the same name, is due to air on Channel 4 later this year. It will see the old friends team up to unite British food lovers.

It is the second time in a year celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has visited the town after sampling seafood on the beach last October for Jamie’s Great Britain.

And Jamie is well and truly coming back to his roots as he once famously revealed he was conceived on the pier.

Derek Jarvis , Southend councillor responsible for culture and tourism, said: “I am aware a film company is using the pier for a while and it involves Jamie Oliver. I am delighted the pier is being used as a filming location.

“Southend is great because as a seaside location it has brilliant lighting and it is always bright on the estuary even on a dull day.

“I hope more film companies will consider filming here.”

The first day of filming took place this week and the Fresh One production team is due to return on Tuesday, October 4, and Thursday, October 16.

Southend Council agreed to close off a section of the pier during certain times.

Jamie Oliver has been a TV favourite since he shot to fame in the Naked Chef in 1997, and has since campaigned for healthy eating in schools.

Jimmy Doherty is known for presenting a number of farming programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC, including a documentary called Jimmy’s Farm which charted setting up the Essex Pig Company in the north of the county.