With 600 new houses to be built on Canvey , I am now totally convinced this council is on a different planet. These houses will mean a minimum of 600 cars, but of course it will be suggested Jeff King will pay £18.5million to complete Roscommon Way (the road to nowhere), which according to Ray Howard will be the answer to all Canvey’s traffic problems.

Anyone with an atom of common sense knows all traffic converges at Waterside Roundabout, the only exit from the Island.

Jeff King plans to build a Care Home. Big deal. I would imagine this will be right next to the gas storage terminal. When the methane terminal was in use, and gas stored underground, there was a blanket restriction on building within a 1.5km radius. Now the Calor Gas plant stores gas above ground, which poses a far greater risk, houses already border this plant.

Why will the council not reveal what is stored in the Oikos complex? Probably because it would cause mass panic.

Councillor Norman Smith, who lives in Benfleet , said it would be better for the occupants of caravans to live in houses. Would he care to explain how they can buy one of these houses? The majority are on benefits and live there because they cannot afford to rent houses, let alone buy one.

Now is the time for the residents of Canvey to stand up and be counted, and demand another exit road is built and the infrastructure updated. Until then, no more houses!

Mike Brown

Leigh Road


...Councillor Ray Howard said “I would rather see 600 homes at Thorny Bay than at the Dutch village”.

Can he guarantee there will be no houses built on that site, or was that just wishful thinking?

Mr B Dixie



...Just how much does Castle Point Council care about its residents? Since I have been a councillor I have to sadly say, not a lot.

On the planning committee the Conservative members were whipped into doing what they were told, not one even entered the debate. I think this showed lack of knowledge on issues of flood risk and hazardous sites, subjects of great technical know-how, which I believe they were very uncomfortable with.

Did the council fail in its duty of care? Yes. The inducements mattered more, as it’s all about house bonus money from the Government.

Christchurch Council has a policy of not developing flood risk areas. It really cares for its residents.

Cllr Neville Watson