A PRIMARY school pupil has been excuded following allegations he ran through the building with a knife, made racist comments and assaulted two teachers.

 Police are now investigating the incident which involved a 10-year-old pupil at Eastwood Primary School, in Rayleigh Road, who went on the rampage in the canteen.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police were contacted by the headteacher of Eastwood Junior School shortly before 9.30am on Thursday October 18, who was reporting a student had been involved in a knife-related incident the previous day.

“A ten-year-old boy from the Southend area had run through the building with a children’s cutlery knife before it was taken off him by staff.

“He was excluded from the school for four days.”

Officers will be speaking to the headteacher on Friday lunch-time to take a statement from her.

Police said they had no previous involvement with this boy. Headteacher Rebecca Perman said she could not comment on the case for confidentiality reasons.

She added: “The case is being investigated by external agencies. I can’t discuss it with you because it’s an ongoing inevstigation.”

However, she stressed that there had been no previous incidents involving this child having a blade.

Jane Theadom, Southend Council’s Head of School Support and Preventative Services, said: “The Council can confirm that an incident took place at Eastwood Primary School on Wednesday during which a Year Six pupil made racist comments to another child.

“The pupil later assaulted two members of staff. We are unable to give any further details at present because the matter is currently the subject of an investigation by Essex Police.

“However we can confirm that in the interests of the safety of all concerned the child involved was immediately excluded from school to allow for a thorough investigation to take place.”