A man has been left unconscious and bleeding after he was reportedly hit with a rounders bat.

Ian James was on his way to work at 8am on Wednesday in Ballards Walk, Basildon, when the attackers approached him from behind.

He was hit on the head by a bat and had his phone, wallet, cigarettes and money taken. An ambulance arrived on the scene at 10.26am and treated Mr James for head and neck injuries.

He was taken to hospital for further treatment.

The victim took to social media to share what happened to him, and claimed several passers-by had not come to his aid while he blacked out. A police spokesman said: “We are investigating a robbery in which a man was struck over the head.

“The 38-year-old man was approached from behind by two men and assaulted in Yardeley, Basildon, sometime between 9.30am and 9.55am on Wednesday, December 13.

“He was knocked unconscious and is mobile phone and wallet were stolen.

“The victim was taken to hospital and his injuries were not thought to be serious.”

Mr James said: “They got me from behind so I stood no chance, just so lucky I was wrapped up with my work gear otherwise they would have broken my neck.

“I’ve got bruising and internal bruising. I feel rough.

"I’ve been sick twice today from the concussion and the hospital is a right let down too.”

Luckily, one onlooker stopped and called an ambulance for Mr James. He thanked them for their kind assistance.

Residents have sent in their heartfelt wishes for Mr James’ speedy recovery.

Tony Steel, 27, from Basildon, said: “Muggings and random attack happen all time time in Ballards and there seems to be no sign of the police anywhere.

“What shocks me is that it’s becoming normal life now to expect someone to be attacked in the street in broad daylight. No one feels safe anymore.”

Labour’s Andrew Gordon, who represents Lee Chapel North said he was “disgusted” by the attack.

He added: “My best wishes go to the gentleman who was attacked. Basildon residents are becoming more concerned about the level of crime in the borough.

"The council is working on the Together for Safer Communities to improve security.

“Councillor Kerry Smith and I are looking into getting more CCTV and lighting installed outside shops.

“I welcome the victim to get in touch with me if he wants to discuss improving security in the area.”